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Whether it is an individual, building your own electronics or a contract manufacturer, it is necessary to adopt industry approved standards and quality assurance methods for growth and expansion. To ensure proficiency and superiority in the industry of electronics, it is vital to adopt these standards through globally followed and accepted IPC certification.

Along with investing and training in your staff or in your career by being an exceptional employee or employer through IPC certification, you can maintain competitive relevancy and establish the credibility of your organization or yourself as a leading aspect of the industry. There are numerous benefits of becoming IPC certified. To give you a better idea however, here are the main reasons why becoming IPC certified in the electronics industry could benefit you and your business or career.

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1) Build Consistent Products

When it comes to business and success for that matter, consistency is the key. By maintaining IPC certification within design, manufacturing and inspection of electronic assemblies, you will be trained with industry approved standards that not only ensure more efficient production process but will also guarantee consistent products.

Studies have shown that consistency within manufacturing standards and final product specifications would boost customer satisfaction, which consequently encourage crucial repeat business. In other words, this practice ultimately helps the manufacturer to gain loyal customers or clients.

How important it is to consistently win the trust of your customer? It goes without saying. There’s also a case for industry compliance. Without it, you could see your business and the industry as a whole wasting millions of man-hours, causing absolute chaos through non-standardisation around the world. 

2) Reduction in Costs

When a company is given the means to produce consistently using controlled processes, they will inevitably begin to save money thanks to a natural reduction in production costs. As per IPC J-STD-001, and IPC WHMA-A-620, you are introduced to the process control best practices, ensuring each product is assembled and inspected at every single stage; ensuring reliability of assemblies in its working environment.

This not only reduces costs as it lowers the number of defects and rework or repairs needed but also helps improve production time while maintaining IPC standards.

Following training from IPC accredited training partners, many find themselves with the knowledge and understanding to produce a more consistent, and high quality product with improved efficiency through standardisation. Improvements naturally begin to occur in other areas too such as communications between manufacturers within your supply chain, for example.

3) Improve Communications

Communication is key, this statement is true within every single industry. Miscommunication can costs money. It can also lead to inconsistency as well as delayed lead times in production, again, costing money.

With consistent IPC training, many companies begin to communicate using the same terminology and utilise the same standards which leads to far less miscommunication as well as much more efficient processes from the likes of suppliers and manufacturers within your supply chain. Simply speaking the same language can have quite positive effects, let alone following the same standards.

In addition to these benefits, adopting IPC certification into any organisation is vital when it comes to establishing trust in your clients or customers. Similarly, it is proficiently valuable for any individuals to complement their skill set  with IPC certification in an increasingly competitive job market.

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