IPC-A-610 Trainer Course


Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies

What Is IPC-A-610?

IPC-A-610 is the most widely used standard published by IPC covering industry-accepted end product acceptance criteria for consumer and high-reliability assemblies.

This industry-developed training programme provides individuals with a credential that demonstrates their understanding of the document.

Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies

IPC-A-610 Trainer Course Details

People Responsible for Quality & Reliability of Electronic Assemblies

  • Quality Supervisors
  • Engineering Manufacturing Supervisors
  • People With Assembly Responsibilities

Available Levels of Training

  • Certified IPC Trainer-CIT
  • Certified IPC Specialist-CIS
  • Certified Standards Expert-CSE 

Training Course Topics

  • Foreword, Application Documents, Handling Procedures – Mandatory
    module 1
  • Hardware Installation – Optional module 7
  • Soldering Acceptability Requirements – Optional module 2
  • Terminal Connections – Optional module 4
  • Through-Hole Technology – Optional module 5
  • Surface Mount Assemblies –  Optional module 6
  • Component Damage- Optional module 3
  • Printed Circuit Boards & Assemblies – Optional module 3
  • Discrete Wiring (Solderless Wrap) – Optional module 8
  • High Voltage Soldered Connections – Included in module 2

Course Certification & Qualification

Upon course completion students receive an industry recognised, traceable certification valid for two years. 


CIT: 4 days
CIS: 3 days for all modules
CSE: 4 days

Please contact A.R.T. for training dates or check our calendar for dates.

Course Booking Form

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01febAll Day03IPC-A-610 CIS Certified IPC Specialist Training

01febAll Day04IPC-A-610 CIT Certified IPC Trainer Training

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08febAll Day10IPC-A-600 CIT/CIS Certified Training

01marAll Day04IPC/WHMA-A-620 CIS Certified IPC Specialist Training

22marAll Day26IPC/WHMA-A-620 Space Addendum Training CIT/CIS

22marAll Day26J-STD-001 CIS Certified IPC Specialist Training

29marAll Day31IPC CID+ Enhanced Certified Interconnect Design Training

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