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What Is A.R.T Practical Training?

Welcome Advanced Rework Technology Ltd. We are UK’s leading and longest running IPC certification centres and, in conjunction with our industry driven, IPC accredited courses, we also offer A.R.T practical training courses.

Our award winning training centre has been recognised as a leading learning provider and as such, we have created our own A.R.T practical training which can be fully customised to meet the needs of you, our customers. Not only do our practical training courses cover the topics you need the most but we also provide all equipment for all of our training courses, either at our state of the ART training centre or when presented on our customers premises.

Here at A.R.T Ltd, our training courses cater to individuals as well as large, globally recognised electronics companies. We’re able to provide industry recognised training through our A.R.T practical training courses to help the continued professional development of those within the electronics industry.

With our selection of practical training courses, here at A.R.T Ltd, we can offer electronics companies an all-inclusive training solution, ensuring we cover every aspect of your training needs. So, what courses do we offer?

Interested In Our A.R.T Training Courses?

What Courses do we offer?


Our A.R.T Training Courses Comprise Of The Following Four Courses:

C1 Course

The C1 course covers surface mount devices, incorporating components and packages, solder, flux and materials as well as soldering tools, tips and equipment. It also goes over acceptable soldering techniques, requirements, anomalies and much much more. Click here for more information.

C1 L/F Course

This course focuses on rework and hand soldering for lead free alloys. While it’s mainly practical, there are a number of talks on lead free alloys followed by practical sessions to carry out a range of rework operations. It’s aimed at those who need to understand further the differences when carrying out rework and soldering with lead free and leaded solders. Click here for more information.

C1BGA Course

This practical course focuses on surface mount ball grid arrays. Here you’ll look at different types of BGA packages, as well as soldering issues that are commonly associated with BGAs. Other practical elements include achieving good soldering joints, along with the problems of reworking BGAs and the importance of correct tools. They’ll also be machines made available to practice on as well as practical element covering inspection in accordance with the IPC 610. Click here for more information.

C5 Course

The C5 course focuses solely on hand soldering techniques. It teaches practical hand soldering skills as well as requirements for high reliability soldering. There is emphasis within this course on IPC standards. This course is of an introductory level however can be suitable as a refresher course or simply for those who wish to enhance their current skills. Click here for more information.

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If you’d like more information on our A.R.T training courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are an Electronics Training Provider offering the best in bespoke and IPC approved training. With multiple dates of upcoming courses available, we’re able to accommodate everyone from sole traders to large companies with multiple staff requirements. Call 01245 237 083 or email us via info@rework.co.uk.


04mayAll Day06IPC-A-610 CIS Certified IPC Specialist Training

04mayAll Day07IPC-A-610 CIT Certified IPC Trainer Training

04mayAll Day07IPC-7711/7721 CIT/CIS Certified Training

10mayAll Day11IPC-A-610 CIT Re-Certification Certified IPC Trainer TrainingLive Now

01junAll Day04IPC-6012 CIT/CIS Certified Training

07junAll Day10IPC/WHMA-A-620 CIS Certified IPC Specialist Training

21junAll Day24IPC/WHMA-A-620 CIT Certified IPC Trainer Training

28junAll Day30IPC-CID Certified Interconnect Design

25octAll Day27IPC CID+ Enhanced Certified Interconnect Design Training

Interested In Our A.R.T Training Courses?

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