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What Is Practical Training – Course C1BGA

Advanced Rework Technology Ltd presents training courses for all types of soldering and rework for PCBs. Training is available at A.R.T.’s fully equipped training centre or on-site customised training.

These training courses are regularly updated to include the latest components and PCBs. The following course will be carried out using various sized BGAs on specially designed PCBs.

Practical Training – Course C1BGA Details

Training Course Topics

  • Types of BGA Packages
  • Soldering problems associated with BGAs
  • Achieving a good soldered joint
  • Particular problems of reworking BGA on multilayer PCBs
  • The importance of correct tools
  • Machines available for de-soldering BGA and the methods used
  • Inspection problems & inspection to the IPC 610

Course Certification & Qualification

The following will be carried out using dummy BGAs on specially designed PCBs.

  • Placement of BGA components
  • Soldering procedure
  • Removal and cleaning
  • Application of fresh solder
  • Replacement of BGA components

Upon course completion students will receive a certificate of attendance. 

Course Dates & Duration

1 Day Course – Please contact A.R.T. for training dates or check our calendar for dates.

Course Enquiry Form

Please fill out the pop-up form with your details so we can get the course booked in, if you have any issues please contact our team.



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