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In the dynamic field of electronics, continuous learning and skill upgrading are essential. Advanced Rework Technology stands as a leader in quality training, offering a variety of training modalities to suit different organisational needs. Whether it’s in-house, off-site, or custom training for business, each modality serves a unique purpose catering to various learning environments and objectives.

Customer Facility Training

Customer Facility training is a convenient and customised learning solution where the training is delivered right at your premises. Here are some benefits of in-house training that we provide here at A.R.T.

  • Customisation: Tailor the curriculum to address your team’s specific needs and challenges.
  • Convenience: Eliminate the need for travel, saving time and resources.
  • Team Building: Enhance teamwork through a collective learning experience, fostering a collaborative culture.

Advanced Rework’s Customer Facility Training

At Advanced Rework Technology Ltd, customer facility training is designed with a flexible curriculum delivered by seasoned trainers using up-to-date soldering and rework equipment. Our trainers come to your location, bringing a wealth of knowledge and hands-on training to ensure a fruitful learning experience.

Advanced Rework’s Training Facility

Our own facility training offers a fresh perspective by taking the learning experience to a new environment, often leading to enhanced focus and creativity. Here are some benefits of on-site training:

  • Networking: Engage with peers and experts from the industry, broadening your professional network.
  • Diverse Learning Environment: Exposure to a variety of teaching methodologies and equipment.
  • Focused Learning: A dedicated learning environment devoid of daily work distractions.

Advanced Rework’s Own Facility Training

We provide structured own facility training programs, equipped with the latest industry-relevant tools and technologies. Our own facility training sessions are an avenue for immersive learning, mingling with industry peers, and gaining insights from seasoned experts at our state-of-the-art training facility.

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Custom Curriculum and White-Label Training

Advanced Rework Technology Ltd extends the opportunity for organisations to benefit from tailored curriculums, either through direct training programs or under a white-label format, aligning with your brand and specific learning objectives.

Custom Curriculum Benefits

  • Targeted Learning: Address your team’s specific challenges and goals with a curriculum designed to meet your organisational needs.
  • Specialist Equipment Guidance: Receive advice and training on specialist equipment, ensuring your team is well-versed in the latest industry tools and technologies.

White-Label Training

  • Brand Consistency: Maintain your brand identity while providing top-notch training to your clients or employees.
  • Custom Curriculum: A curriculum tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of your audience, delivered under your brand.

Advanced Rework’s White-Label Training

  • Seamless Learning Experience: Our white-label training solutions offer a unique opportunity for businesses to provide high-quality training while maintaining brand consistency. 

With a custom curriculum designed to meet your specifications, Advanced Rework Technology Ltd sets the stage for a seamless learning experience, equipping your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the electronics industry.

Expertise Highlight

Advanced Rework Technology Ltd has a rich history of accolades that spotlight our commitment to excellence in electronics training. Our awards are a testament to the quality and expertise embedded in each training module we offer.

  • Electronics Industry Awards 2023: We were honoured to receive two awards in the Electronics Industry Awards 2023, held at the Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden, showcasing our continual strive for excellence in the electronics training domain​.
  • Industry Personality Award 2018, 2020 and 2021: Our Managing Director, Debbie Wade, was awarded the Industry Personality Award at the Electronics Industry Awards Ceremony.  
  • Rising Star Award 2022: Debbie Wade was the recipient of this award during the 2022 Electronics Industry Awards Ceremony.
  • IPC President’s Award: Debbie Wade, the owner and managing director of Advanced Rework Technology Ltd, is also a recipient of the prestigious IPC Presidents Award, recognizing her significant contributions to industry standards​.
  • Best IPC Training Course and Certification Centre 2022: Awarded by Business Elite Awards, this accolade reflects our dedication to providing top tier IPC training and certification services​​.
  • Best IPC Training Course Provider 2023: Another feather in our cap from Business Elite Awards, emphasising our consistent delivery of high-quality IPC training courses​​.

These awards and recognitions underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering superior training services, reinforcing the trust and credibility we have established in the electronics industry over the years.

Take Your Electronics Training to the Next Level

Discover the transformative impact that a tailored training approach can bring to your organisation. At Advanced Rework Technology Ltd, we are dedicated to elevating your electronics knowledge and skills to global standards, through a variety of training modalities designed to meet your unique needs.

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