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rework workshop leaflet

ATTEND Our Upcoming Workshop

Attend Our Upcoming Workshop and gain unparalleled insight into the intricacies of low-temperature soldering—a pivotal skill for modern electronics assembly. Join us on January 11th, 2024, at the ART Training Centre, for an exclusive opportunity to elevate your technical expertise and ensure your manufacturing processes meet the cutting edge of efficiency and reliability.

Delve into the world of advanced soldering techniques with industry expert Bob Willis, exploring the advantages of low-temperature solder over conventional lead-free alloys, and discover the latest materials and methods that are transforming the field. Learn about the critical aspects of printing paste, wave and selective soldering, and how to utilise epoxy support materials effectively.

With a focus on practical knowledge, you’ll acquire actionable insights into reflow soldering, rework results, and how to manage the reliability of mixed alloy systems. The workshop will also tackle how to interpret inspection results and diagnose a variety of defect types and joint failures—knowledge crucial for maintaining high-quality standards.

Ideal for engineers, quality control staff, and production supervisors, this workshop not only promises to enhance your technical acumen but also provides networking opportunities with peers from the industry. Registrants will be rewarded with an extensive array of resources, including a comprehensive collection of Bob Willis’ soldering books and defect guides in digital format.