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The Electronics Industry Awards 2021 is the premier awards ceremony for the electronics industry, organised by Components In Electronics (CIE) and will be held on Thursday 21st October 2021 at The Tower Hotel in London.  The fourth edition of the yearly event is intended to celebrate the very best professionals, products, projects and companies from across the electronics industry.

Advanced Rework Technology Ltd (ART Ltd) has been nominated in the categories of Academic Support, Best Customer Support and Personality of the Year.  ART Ltd are aiming to maintain it’s reputation as a leading Training Provider within the electronics industry.

So, what makes ART Ltd one of the strongest contenders in various Categories this year?

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The Team at Advanced Rework Technology Ltd (ART Ltd) are in a League of their Own

ART Ltd have been contributing to it’s worldwide customer base in several aspects of training and development by offering different levels of industry specific IPC Training.  There are multiple centres who offer IPC training but ART Ltd are one of two centres globally that are accredited with being able to teach all IPC courses.  ART Ltd are officially Europe’s leading IPC Training Centre and are the only IPC Training Centre in the UK who can train to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Wire Harnessing Space Addendum for those building Aerospace Products or those working to gain contracts within that specific field.

Advanced Rework Technology Ltd (ART Ltd) provide their Clients with a Complete Training Solution

Not only will ART Ltd provide it’s Client’s with a Complete Training Solution but also offer the most experienced trainers who consistently deliver the highest level of expertise of over 33 years experience.  Not limited to academic support but also design, assembly, fabrication, and inspection aspects of electronics processes.

Implementing the most up to date forms of training using the latest revisions of IPC standards, ART Ltd have adopted a modernised approach to teaching where delegates benefit from the rich experience the staff have gained by carefully planned and developed training courses.  In addidtion to formal IPC courses, ART Ltd can generate bespoke and customised courses to facilitate the needs of our client’s in the best possible way.  This gives our customers an exclusive advantage by personalizing their training requirements as per their field of application.

Award Winning Training

The massive input to the development of IPC standards offered by ART Ltd as a Master IPC Training Centre is so valued that both Debbie Wade and John Vickers are recipients of multiple IPC awards with Debbie Wade being honoured with the IPC President’s Award one of the highest awards an individual can receive. 

This award denotes recognition of the extensive knowledge, skills, and dedication.  It also emphasises the fact that the team at ART Ltd are committed to providing it’s customers is nothing less than first-class Training that helps its customers to adopt world-class standards within their organisation.

Award Winning Team

ART Ltd were honoured with previous awards in the Business Category at the Electronics Industry Awards where Managing Director, Debbie Wade was recognised with the Industry Personality Award in 2020 as well as 2018.  ART Ltd were also high commended for both Academic Support and Best Customer Support.

In the words of Debbie Wade:

Wow, what an honour to be recognised as Highly Commended for Best Academic Support at this year’s event. 2020 has proved to be a challenging year for the Electronics Industry but I am pleased the Team at ART Ltd maintained the high levels of knowledge and support we are renowned for. It was such a shock to learn that I had won the Industry Personality Award as this award is designed to recognise an individual that plays a significant part in the success of the Electronics Industry. The winner of this category will have made continuous contributions to the sector, boosted their Company’s Profile and worked closely with their Client’s and Suppliers. Even though this is an Individual Award, it really belongs to the entire Team at ART Ltd and ART Europe in Italy, as I would not be able to carry out my role without the constant skills, dedication and support of the team around me.

Debbie Wade

ART Ltd are grateful for all it has managed to create and all of the support of it’s Client’s and delegates.  ART Ltd is once again appealing to it’s customer base to keep being the best part of its team and to to vote for ART Ltd to win in the Categories of Academic Support, Best Customer Support, and Industry Personality of the Year once again this year in the Electronics Industry Awards 2021

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