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COVID-19 Information

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We at ART Ltd pride ourselves on giving the best possible training and services to our customers.

We are all working in very uncertain times, though we will strive to offer all we can in support during this difficult period.

We are always adjusting ART’s protocols to meet the changing parameters set but the UK government. ART has remained open as we know our customers depend on our training, help and guidance.

We can still supply you with IPC standards and practical training equipment.

For theory based training we now offer Virtual Online Training and for IPC this includes Online Proctoring.

For practical training the below information applies.

Unfortunately, after the most recent Prime Ministers Update 23/03/2020 ART finds itself in a position that allowing public sector workers and private individuals the ability to congregate in groups of more than 2 goes against the strict guidelines now laid out.

This leaves us with no choice but close our doors to public access for a potential of 12-weeks social distancing now laid out. This is going to be reviewed by the Government in 3 weeks’ time. Please rest assured that we intend to carry on operating beyond the COVID-19 epidemic extending further ART’s 32-year existence.

All non-essential shops are now closed. Pubs and Bars are now closed. Hotels are now closing to.

All training therefore will be postponed to later in 2020 when the government allow us to open our doors once more to the public.

If you’re certifying to IPC for the first time and have paid to attend your course your money will be held on account and will be used for attendance on a course later in 2020.

If you’re attending an IPC course as a means of recertification, then please read below.

If your certificate expires in March or April 2020 and you are a currently certified CIS, you please contact [email protected] and request a special 90-day extension

If your certificate expires March or April 2020 and you are a currently certified CIT or MIT, then please contact the IPC Helpdesk.

If you have any questions, please do not have any hesitation contacting us.

Please stay safe. Adhere to all the Government’s guidelines and we hope to see you soon.

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