IPC J-STD-002 Manual


This standard prescribes test methods, defect definitions, acceptance criteria and illustrations for assessing the solderability of electronic component leads, terminations, solid wires, stranded wires, lugs and tabs.

This standard addresses both visual acceptance and force measurement solderability criteria for both tin-lead as well as lead-free solder processes.

This standard also includes a test method for the Resistance to Dissolution/Dewetting of Metallization to verify that metallized terminations will remain intact throughout the assembly soldering processes.

This standard is intended for use by both vendors and users. The Amendment 1 now included in this IPC/ECA J-STD-002C adds an appendix that defines a test protocol for wetting balance testing and also allows the use of production solder pastes of appropriate lead-based and lead free compositions for surface mount simulation testing. 63 pages. Released November 2008.

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