IPC-7912 Manual


This is the first revision to the industry’s first consensus document on calculating benchmark indices for defects and quality.

Finally – an end to the confusion when calculating defect opportunities for benchmarking! For customers and manufacturers, it seems like every company has a unique way of calculating defects and then reporting on quality.

In a complex electronics assembly operation, is it best to calculate using the number of components? The number of leads? What about solder joints? How can companies calculate “best-in-class” with an infinite number of ways of calculating Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO)?

The document provides consistent methodologies for calculating benchmark indices for DPMO Index, Component DPMO, Placement DPMO, Termination DPMO, and Overall Manufacturing Index (OMI). This document is for end-of-process benchmarking. Provides support for unpopulated terminations and has much clearer examples.

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