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Customer Recommendation for the adoption of IPC Standards

By June 20, 2013September 14th, 2022No Comments

Why the IPC.

Here at SGX Sensortech (M.A) Ltd we pride ourselves in delivering a reliable high quality product. We are always looking to improve and adapt to better, more cost effective methods. Early 2010 it became apparent that our first time pass rate from our subcontractors was not as efficient as it could possibly have been. A few small errors were being found that really should not have been happening. Static precautions were firmly in place but to what extent? Who sets the standard to govern this important procedure? How could we enforce better build practice and standards policy? Did something exist that was thorough enough for us to endorse and recommend. I began my search, after some extensive research I came across the IPC, after looking into how we could benefit I recommended this to my Directors and they supported the choice and the course for the CIT IPC-A610 rev E was booked. I attended the course in August 2011 with an open mind, although if I am honest I felt slightly reserved, what could I learn after being in the electronics industry for almost 30 years, answer: a surprisingly large amount, as I am sure people that attended the course will admit.


Cost benefits.

One of the largest benefits in any industry is the ability to reduce costs. After putting in place the IPC standards and insisting our electronics subcontractors invest in the IPC quality program we have seen a large increase in first time pass units delivered from our subcontractors, this equates to a large cost saving. All staff here are trained to the IPC standards, this enables us to all be working to the same high standards, increasing quality throughout the business.

Our customer return rate has been reduced, thus reducing costs, but more importantly than that, it has increased our reputation for a high quality reliable product. We are able to claim IPC accreditation in the market we are already very well known in. When you look into the companies that already use the IPC accreditation is it really any wonder smaller companies are eager to follow suite.

  • The goal of the IPC is to provide a standardized set of industry developed, recognized, approved and traceable training programs to enhance understanding of criteria in a standard.


  • Provide an understanding of criteria to enhance an individual’s motivation and ability to correctly apply the criteria.


  • Teach methods and processes to improve an individual’s skills and ability to achieve acceptable workmanship.


  • Teach methods and techniques how to use, navigate, locate and apply the criteria in a document to the appropriate class or classes of production.


  • Individuals that successfully complete training are granted an industry recognized certification.

Brett Johnson

Purchasing Lead,

Supply Chain Management

SGX Sensortech (M.A) Ltd