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    DVD-45 L/F

    This training program is intended for operators who already understand the basics of hand soldering, and simply need to learn the differences between soldering with tin-lead vs. lead free solder. For a more detailed lead free hand soldering video that also covers basic soldering theory, please see DVD-43.Now you can show your operators the subtle differences between tin-lead and lead-free soldering techniques & inspection criteria – with this new training DVD from IPC. This program is designed to assist operators and soldering technicians to make the transition to lead-free with knowledge and confidence.DVD-45 describes these new types of solder alloys, and discusses the higher melting temperatures that can potentially damage the assembly. Section 1 also explains required changes due to increased surface tension, more active fluxes, and additional cleaning considerations.Section 2 demonstrates modified techniques for soldering through-hole components into plated-through holes, and wires to pierced terminals, then demonstrates PTH rework / vacuum extraction – focusing on damage prevention from increased soldering temperatures.Section 3 compares tin-lead / lead-free solder joints to the visual acceptance criteria from IPC-A-610D – with original microphotography of target conditions, textural differences, minimum and maximum solder, wetting requirements, cold / disturbed joints, fractures, lifted lands, thermal damage, bridging, projections, blowholes and solder balls. Time: 23 minutes.

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    DVD-54C clearly explains all the critical information your operators need to control static charge build-ups and prevent costly damage to electronic components and assemblies. Covers: the physics of static electricity, how static charges damage components, grounding, wrist straps / shoe grounding / testing, safe clothing, conductive smocks, ESD-safe work areas, elimination of static generating materials, controlling charge build-ups, activities that create static electricity, and proper handling / storage / transportation of ESD sensitive devices. Includes Leaders Guide with Course Outline, Learning Objectives, written Training Certification Test and certificates of completion for students with passing grades. An award-winning introduction to ESD control. Time: 25 Minutes.

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    As new generations of integrated circuits (ICs) become more sensitive to electrostatic discharge, ESD continues to be one of the most pernicious problems facing the electronics industry. Education is essential to prevent costly failures and expensive rework.Now your electronics assembly operators can become certified as “ESD Safe” by two major electronics associations.A joint collaboration between IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries, and ESDA- the Electrostatic Discharge Association — has produced the most up-to-date, technically accurate ESD Control video training currently available to deal with the effects of shrinking geometries, increased performance requirements and lower operating voltages.Developed by top industry experts, this educational video covers static electricity generation, triboelectric charging, ESD failure models and techniques to control ESD, including personal grounding for seated and standing operations, wrist straps, controlling static charges in the work area, and proper handling, packaging and transporting of ESD sensitive devices to the S20.20 ESDA Specification.DVD menu allows you to skip over technical content that may not be applicable to your company. English subtitles are provided for the hearing-impaired and English-as-second-language students. Telly Award winner. Time: 30 minutes.

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