Practical Training - Course C5 - Advanced Rework Technology Ltd.
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Practical Training – Course C5

Hand Soldering Techniques

Advanced Rework Technology Ltd presents training courses for all types of soldering and rework for PCBs. Training is available at A.R.T.’s fully equipped training centre or on-site customised training.

This course is designed to teach soldering skills and the requirements of high reliability soldering, with emphasis on the IPC standard for soldering.

Course Topics

  • Recognition & avoidance of common soldering faults
  • General handling procedures
  • Conformal coatings
  • Inspection to IPC 610

Practical Work

  • Fitting & removal of components to various types of PCBs
    i.e. single/double sided-surface mount and plated through hole PCBs
  • Making a solder joint
  • Simple axial leaded components
  • Semiconductors
  • Integrated circuits
  • Component replacement
  • Methods of de-soldering and the types of equipment available, followed by replacement of all components previously fitted
  • Surface mounted devices:
  • Techniques of hand soldering SMDs

Course Duration

2 days

Course Dates

Please contact A.R.T. for training dates

Download PDF of course details here