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J-STD-001 Certified Trainer Course

Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

Who Should become a Certified Trainer?

Assembly process engineers, quality assurance supervisors, training managers and any others responsible for the quality and reliability of soldered electronic assemblies would make excellent candidates for the J-STD-001 Certified Trainer programme.

Training Course Topics:

  • Instructional skills and the roles and responsibilities of the IPC Trainer
  • General requirements, such as safety, tools and electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Wire and terminal assembly requirements, demonstrations and laboratory
  • Through hole technology requirements, demonstrations and laboratory
  • Surface mount technology requirements, demonstrations and laboratory
  • General soldered connection acceptance requirements
    Test methods and related standards
  • Use of statistical process control methodology


On successful completion of the examination the candidate will receive the J-STD-001 Trainer Certificate. This certificate is valid for 2 years after the course completion date. The Candidate will also receive all the necessary training materials to carry out the Application Specialist courses.

These will include the following:

  • CD-ROM with visuals covering the J-STD-001 training
  • An instructor guide for conducting the Application Specialist training modules
  • Copies of the J-STD-001 through 006 and a copy of the J-STD-001 Handbook (IPC-HDBK-001) and T50
  • Artwork of soldering test boards
  • The Application Specialist test and evaluation forms

Application Specialist training materials and certificates can only be purchased by J-STD-001 Trainers.

Course Duration

5 Days

Course Dates

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Download PDF of course detiails here

Now Available! J-STD-001 Space Addendum training

The J-STD-001 Space Electronics Hardware Addendum is an optional Module 6 to IPC’s J-STD-001 Instructor Training & Certification Program. It provides additional requirements over those published in IPC J-STD-001 to ensure the reliability of soldered electrical and electronic assemblies that must survive the vibration and thermal cyclic environments experienced while traveling and operating in space.

This 1-day program consists of a lecture, which will identify and review each section of the addendum, followed by a single 25-question open book exam. There are no workmanship requirements for this module. The passing level for this optional module is 80%.

This optional Module 6 to the J-STD-001 Instructor Training Programs will not be published as part of the regular J-STD-001 course materials. The training materials for this optional Module 6 can only be purchased by a J-STD-001 Space Addendum Certified Instructor.

Suppliers to NASA and others who are mandated to use J-STD-001 Space Electronics Hardware Addendum are required to have workers trained and certified to this IPC J-STD-001 Space Addendum course for Instructor (CIT) level training. This includes trainers, quality supervisors, engineers and manufacturing supervisors with assembly responsibilities.

What you will receive

CIT students who successfully complete the program will receive instructional materials necessary for conducting Certified IPC Specialist Training:

  • The J-STD-001 Space Addendum
  • An Instructor Guide with Exams for J-STD-001 Space Addendum Specialist Training CD Rom with a complete set of visuals for CIS training


Delegates must be previously certified to J-STD-001

Our current training schedule can be viewed by clicking here or from our main menu above.

Download PDF of course details here