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IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Application Specialist Training CIS

Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies

Who should attend the Application Specialist Training?

This certification and training programme is designed for maintenance technicians, operators, process engineers, quality managers and anyone responsible for the quality and reliability of electronic assemblies.

Application Specialist Certification

The IPC-A-610 Application Specialist course is modularised. Training on the entire syllabus is not required, however, the following Module is mandatory:

Mandatory Module:

  • Introduction – IPC Professional Policies and Procedures, Maintaining Certification Program Integrity
  • Module 1 – Foreword, Applicable Documents & Handling

Optional Modules:

  • Module 2 – Soldering Acceptibility Requirements
  • Module 3 – Component Damage and Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies
  • Module 4 – Terminal Connections ( Requires Module 2 )
  • Module 5 – Through-Hole Technology Including Jumper Wires ( Requires Module 2 and 3 )
  • Module 6 – Surface Mount Assemblies Including Jumper Wires ( Requires Module 2 and 3 )
  • Module 7 – Hardware Installation
  • Module 8 – Solderless Wire Wrap

Any additional modules can be taken at any time in the two year period but will expire at the same time as your mandatory modules


Everyone who successfully completes the IPC-A-610 Application Specialist Training and examination will receive the IPC-A-610 Application Specialist Certificate. This certificate is valid for 2 years after the course completion date of your mandatory module.

Course Duration

3 days if all modules are required. Otherwise duration varies according to the number of modules required.

Course Dates

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