Certified Interconnect Designer-CID - Advanced Rework Technology Ltd.
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Certified Interconnect Designer-CID

Advanced Rework Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that they are now able to offer IPC CID training. This professional development program provides objective evaluation of core competencies in PCB design, based upon industry standards rather than specifications of just one company.

Courses enhance and assess technical knowledge: how to transform an electrical circuit description into a PCB design that can be manufactured, assembled and tested.

CID, Certified Interconnect Designer is a valuable professional credential recognized throughout the electronics industry.

Subjects covered:

  • Design considerations
  • Materials
  • Component requirements
  • Assembly requirements
  • Board fabrication
  • Physical board characteristics
  • Documentation

IPC Designer Certification is not just for designers. Many professionals in supporting industries are being certified: electrical and mechanical engineers, PCB fabrication engineers, assembly techs, manufacturing engineers and parts engineers. Certification can be a valuable step in a person’s career.

The IPC Designer Certification Program builds on hands-on experience and requires an element of home study prior to the course; at least one month is recommended. The qualification is recognised internationally and hence a high degree of competency is required to be demonstrated.

Course duration: – 3 days. 2 days of instruction, 1 day qualification.

Upon successful completion: –

  • Registration to list of IPC Certified Designers
  • Use of CID logo
  • Use of honorific CID